Gyöngyössinë, CÄ, Szilvia A, Løvseth LT, Fridner A et al. (2021).
Psychologica Hungarica IX, 1, p. 5-20. Doi: /10.52993/PSYHUNG.9.2021.1.1 [Link]


Background and aims: Reconciliation of work and family may pose difficulties for most people because of different expectations in gender roles.
Women are particularly impacted by the conflict between work and family owing to their increasing participation on the labour market.
The level of work-family conflict depends on many variables.
Our study aims at exploring the impact of the supervisor’s appreciation of the work delivered by the subordinate, i.e., whether it reduces perceived work-family conflict by the subordinate.
Method and results: We have analysed data from 1,435 female physicians from six European countries, who participated in the HOUPE study.
Our results showed that supervisory appreciation appeared to attenuate work-to-family conflict, a form of work-family conflict, and stress associated with time pressures.
Appreciation by the supervisor did not show an impact on family-to-work conflict.
Conclusion: Our study highlights the potential role of positive communication between the supervisor and subordinate in reconciling work and family lives among female physicians more effectively.